About Us


About Us

Our attitude is primarily to provide superlative technological solutions for all kind of engineering challenges on every single project with various alternatives to meet up the successive goal. Moreover enhancement, renovation, retrofit of existing system suits to current demand of client requirements to compete globally.

On top of it, we are the hard-core engineers who can suggest, support to find solutions for Critical engineering situations and implement on gray-field with successive outcome. Also our strength to share consultation for on-going projects to shape of it and future enhancement.

Company Profile

MFR Solutions, is a self-performing engineering firm and low voltage firm specializing in power and electrical engineering. Since our inception, we have done public and  private sector work with utmost credibility. Our commitment to being a emerging Startup engineering firm has led to tremendous growth and repeat clientele.

We as a committed electrical engineering company. We strive to bring out the best in our electrical design consultants, engineers, and clients while upholding the highest standards of our discipline, work ethic, and integrity.


Why Choose Us

MFR Solutions operates as the extended arm for our customers offering innovative solutions. We add value to our customers by accelerating their engineering performance with;

  • Scalable & On-Time Delivery
  • Reducing Time and Costs of Projects
  • Flexible Engagement Models
  • Maintaining Robust Security Standards
  • Access to the best-of-the-best skilled resources
  • Experience in plant engineering tools across various sectors
  • Practice globally followed SOPS
  • Adhering to International codes and standards
Engagement Model

Project Scope is clearly defined

Clear Inputs:

  • Provision for adding or subtracting requirements, i.e., through revisions, made on the contract price.
  • Set time and estimate for the project.
  • Mutually agreed milestones measure project progress.

Time & Material:

  • Handle larger and more complex project responsibilities.
  • Project Risk get defined at regular interval of milestones.
  • Variance in Project Scope & Duration
  • Billing per hour of work, fixed hourly rate for services defined.
  • Change management is not applicable.
  • Progress Reports sent at regular intervals.
Hybrid Model
  • Combination of Fixed Price and T&M Model and so the client gets the best of both.
  • Part of the project with a defined scope and inputs are fixed price while the remaining is Time & Material (T&M).
Delivery Model

MFR Solutions drives innovation and ensures business continuity by partnering with our customers across all their processes. Our service delivery models range in scope, size, and duration. Moreover, for specific projects, we even offer highly customized models to meet the customer requirements.

Based on your project need, we propose the most appropriate delivery model listed below;


Off-Premise Delivery Model

The customer may choose one of their line-management or hire an On-site coordinator to liaison between the client’s team and our project delivery team.


  • Readily Available Quality and Technical Expertise.
  • Low Cost of Skilled Resources.
  • Faster Start-Up Time.
  • Quick Communications.
  • On-budget and On-time Deliverables.

When to Choose?

  • When work is very clearly defined.
  • Practicing well-defined standards Standards.
  • Current infrastructure not able to support the projected demand.


On-site Delivery Model

Our team of expert engineers are deployed to the clients’ site. This model is set to motion where there is a requirement at the client site for specific skilled resources or if post-deployment support is necessary.


  • Face-to-face interaction with the team member.
  • Maximum control of the team’s time and productivity.
  • Negligible communication gap.
  • Reduced recruitment/training costs.

When to Choose?

  • The end customer demands daily monitoring of work.
  • Standards are not clearly defined, and onsite presence will help with the transfer of knowledge.
  • Unclear scope even though work progresses.


Hybrid Delivery Model (On-site + Off-premise)

Combination of Onsite and off-premise models, where part of the team is at the client location and the rest of the team is at our premises.


  • Transparent project status and clear communication at all levels.
  • A deeper understanding of each other’s working styles leading to long-term benefits.
  • Optimized resource, quality, project and process management.
  • Benefited because of lower workforce costs in cost-efficient locations.

When to Choose?

  • When new to outsourcing to a different region/geography.
  • A good part of the job is clearly defined but some needs face-to-face communication.
  • Budget is not a significant constraint, and some on-site presence can be justified.